New Storm Sees Airlines Waiving Fees

Due to the building midestern winter storm that is already gaining strength, airlines are, once again, waiving change fees to diminish the impact of looming cancellations and delays. 


For a list of airlines and details on their current policies, visit USA Today’s Today in the Sky blog HERE.


If you have any flexibility at all, consider attempting to depart on your flight early or, perhaps, re-routing yourself through a connection in a city likely to be unaffected by the weather.  Considering the current weather picture and current forecast, hub cities such as DFW, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Denver. 


Hub cities such as Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cincinatti, and Cleveland are all likely to be affected at least somewhat by the looming weather over the next few days.   Based on that, airlines likely to be most affected might be  Delta / Northwest Airlines (Minneapolis, Detroit), United Airlines (Chicago and Denver), American Airlines (Chicago), Airtran (Milwaukee), Southwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan), and Continental (Cleveland).


Hint:  If you are a member of a frequent flier program, see if there is a dedicated phone number you can call.


Hint:  Make sure your cellular phone is charged and you have your charger in your carry on luggage.


Hint:  If you have a laptop computer, consider traveling with it in your carry on luggage.


Hint:  If you are seeking to re-route yourself, explore options among codeshare partners with your airline when speaking to a reservations agent.


Hint:  If you must board and travel on a flight in a city being affected by the storm, purchase some snacks and water in the terminal to take on the aircraft with you.


You can review all travel hints by clicking HERE.

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