Sunday Trivia: Appliances

This will be a tough one for almost all of you out there but here it goes:

What western airline was owned by what appliance family from 1955 until 1962?

The answer after the fold:

The airline was Frontier Airlines (1950 to 1986) and the family was the Maytag family.  Yes, *that* Maytag family.

Frontier Airlines had a few interesting developments in its history.  Their first black pilot was a former Tuskagee Airman named Bob Ashby.  Mr. Ashby was hired the same day as the first female pilot for any commercial airline in the US.  That was Emily Howell Warner and it was Frontier who hired her.

Frontier managed to survive exactly 40 years.  It was formed on June 1st, 1950 out of a merger of three airlines (Arizona Airways, Monarch Airlines and Challenger Airlines) and bankruptcy proceedings ended on May 31, 1990.

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