Calling all former Braniff employees

An extremely nice and talented duo, Abra Schnur and Jacob Flores, are engaged on doing an oral history about Braniff.  They are doing voice interviews with former employees and family members of Braniff and then transcribing and archiving these interviews with the University of North Texas.

I’ve written about their project before.

They need subjects to interview.  I believe they have had no problem in getting numerous interviews with pilots and flight attendants but they need interviews with people who worked or interacted with the airline in other areas.  That means people such as accountants, baggage handlers, managers, salesmen, mechanics and others.

It’s a worthy cause and it costs you nothing to participate but a small amount of time.

I’ve done an interview with them and found it be a terrific experience and it surprised me how much I had to say.

Why should you do this?  Because the history of Braniff is unlikely to ever be documented in an authoritative book.  The authors who did such writing are largely gone and the acknowledged king of airline histories, Robert Serling, has passed away.  (Serling produced authoritative histories of airlines including Eastern Airlines, TWA and American Airlines.)

More importantly, if this history is not captured now, it may never be captured.  The truth is that people from Braniff are aging and there is probably a 5 to 10 year window to capture this history at best and, frankly, I fear we may have already lost some in the deaths of certain Braniff icons.

What can you do?  Contact FlyingVoices on their Webpage or their Facebook page and offer to do an interview.

Go ahead, do it now.  We’ll wait patiently while you do so.

Do you think you don’t know a former Braniff employee?  Maybe you don’t.  But forward this blog post on to others and try to spread the word anyway.

Do you have questions or wonder about the legitimacy of this?  Contact me by commenting on this blog post and I will answer whatever concerns you have.

A project being executed objectively and without agendas is rare and FlyingVoices is trying very hard to get it right.  Without participation and even sponsorship (they need money!), these kinds of projects fail and history is lost.

So go save some history and participate in FlyingVoices.


6 Responses to “Calling all former Braniff employees”

  1. I can testify as well…this is a much needed project and it was a pleasure to work with Abra and Jacob!

  2. Spread the word Ms. Bevill. They need more diversity in their project and that’s proving challenging.

    And thanks for the comment!

    Greg R.

  3. Bravo for this much needed project!

  4. Formerly worked at SEA, PHX, PBI, and finally LAX. Met lots of wonderful people that I would like to hear about.

  5. Braniff Flt 250 remembered – 50th Anniversay of crash – in Falls City, NE on Aug 6th 2016

    Daniel Hilliker
    May 6

    to info

    I am trying to get the word out about a dedication / anniversary of the Braniff Flt #250 plane crash in Falls City, NE on Aug 6th, 1966 to be held in Falls City, NE on the 50th Anniversary of the crash this coming Aug 6th 2016 in Falls City, NE. I am the oldest son of First Officer James Allen Hilliker the Co-Pilot on Flt 250. All family & friends of those lost on that day are invited to attend the 50 year anniversary & remembrance of those lost friends & loved ones.

    Anyone interested in attending can contact Elaine Schawang at for more information. She lives in the Farmhouse across the street from the crash & where the initial Monument was placed 10 years ago on Aug 6th, 2006.

    If you could get the word out I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you!
    Daniel James Hilliker

    Daniel J. Hilliker
    Mobile: 952-826-9565

  6. I was watching March Madness tonight during halftime of North Carolina and Butler decided to channel surf. Came upon an episode of the Simpsons they were spoofing Braniff it was not in bad taste but but brought back great memories of unique time if my life. Although I worked from November 1978 to September 1980 I still remember my time with airline. Working in 3 cities in one year was not a problem. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to work with a great group of people.

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