Braniff International Comes Back!

It’s been announced this morning that the Braniff International name will be coming back on a new airline this year.  The last time the Braniff name was used was more than 20 years ago in 1991.  Investors will be establishing a new airline targeting travelers who are enjoying the JetBlue and Virgin America flying experience in the United States.

The new airline will be based in Dallas, as before.  Investors spokesperson, April Fulya, says:  “Dallas is ripe for a new airiline and has a rich industry base in the DFW area.  We expect to draw upon employees working for both Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.”

The City of Dallas is expected to work closely with the airline to provide gate space at Love Field Airport as well as DFW International Airport.

The airline is working to acquire renovated space in the old Dalfort Aviation (Braniff Inc) Operations and Maintenance building at Love Field Airport.  That building is currently targeted for removal by the City of Dallas but it has recently been given a reprieve in gaining historical status.

The new Braniff International says that it will incorporate a new livery and new logo for the new operation.  The livery will be based on using a white fuselate and billboard titles across the side of the fuselate.  However, the new logo will use the old Girard typeface that Braniff had created in the 1960’s.

Braniff International will be using the 737-8Max airliner from Boeing as its single aircraft type for its United States operations.  However, in an aggressive move, the airline is also placing orders for the Airbus A330 to use on its international routes.  “We expect this to be the ideal aircraft for routes between Dallas and Europe as well as between Dallas and Chicago.”  said April Fulya.

To mark its return to the skies, the airline also plans to have one of the new Airbus A330 aircraft painted in the original Alexander Calder colors (See Here) for the airline’s launch.

9 Responses to “Braniff International Comes Back!”

  1. April fools indeed!

  2. Man, you had the information correct until you said the airline would be using Airbus equipment. Braniff would have never used those inferior products! Nice article, and if only it were true.

  3. Wake me when Pan Am comes back and reclaims the wailing wall of it’s original terminal at JFK.

  4. That’s just plain cruel…

  5. Will they fly different Boeing aircraft in Different solid colors?

  6. This post as originally an April Fool’s joke.

    There is no Braniff coming back with or without Airbus equipment.

  7. I wish they would come back ….I loved working for Braniff and miss the days of them ,TWA, Pan Am , Western , North Central just to mention a few …..Bring back good air travel

  8. I would like to see Braniff International return ;with
    solid organization ;solid management; using the familiar
    Alexander Girard color scheme they had in 1969. I agree
    that they should use the best workhorse type planes
    available.737-800,777,787,A321, A330,A340(for cargo
    and military charter work ;earthquake relief effort work)
    They should always have good morale and good incentives
    and perks for all employees.Plus a guaranteed retirement
    package for all employees. Then;they should be careful
    about choosing markets they may not be best suited in.
    Making a good return profit and keeping debts low;having
    money to buy new planes . Not like what they did before!

  9. I would like to see Braniff International return; with solid
    organization, friendly public relations; friendlier customer
    service at hub airports .I think that if they do want to
    return; that they should use the familiar Alexander Girard
    jelly bean fleet ; color scheme;same title style lettering;
    white flying surfaces;black nose and cockpit canopy
    to keep the sun’s glare to a bare minimum for all pilots.
    Keeping in mind that it is paramount to seeks route
    markets that will best suit a re-emerging airline. Start
    small; add routes .Keep debts down and have money
    ready to buy new planes when the need arises. Keep
    all planes in the best mechanical condition possible.
    As I recall Braniff did do charter flights. I think this is
    a good strategy to do at first;then return to small scale
    scheduling operations.

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