Sunday Trivia: Airline Mergers

Delta Airlines merged with Northwest Airlines in 2008 (hard to believe it’s been nearly 3 years, isn’t it?) to form what was, at that time, the World Largest Airline.  That merger had some oddities to it in that the architect of the merger was Richard Anderson who, although was CEO of Delta at that time, had led Northwest in the past.  Coincidentally enough, both Delta and Northwest purchased iconic airlines based west of the Mississippi in 1986. 

Question:  Can you name the airlines that Delta and Northwest purchased in 1986?

The answer after the fold:

In 1986, Delta purchased Western Airlines and Northwest Airlines purchased Republic Airlines. 

Oddly enough, the hubs gained in those purchases still exist today.  Republic brought Detroit and Memphis to Northwest (although Memphis is being relegated to a focus city quickly by Delta now) and Western gave Delta Salt Lake City which remains today.

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